About Me:

My name is Marvin Price. I am an independent information technology consultant working in the Los Angeles area.

I specialize in Apple products and technologies. My clients are wide ranging including everything from major law firms, to motion graphics and design firms.  Prior to consulting, I was the Director of Information Technology at Pittard Sullivan, a global marketing and communications firm.

Concentrating on Apple technology in business, I specialize in finding unconventional solutions to traditionally daunting problems. My approach to IT embraces Occam’s Razor of simplicity and restates it: “When you have two competing solutions solving the same problem, the one that is simplest is the better.”

In practice this means it is necessary to analyze competing developments and extract reality from exuberant hype. Architecting efficient IT solutions requires the ability to simplify the byzantine. This is the core of my approach.

I love the work I do and I love working with people. I’m comfortable around people with all levels of technical experience.

If you are currently or ever in need of an Information Technology Specialist, I hope that you will keep me in mind.

Clients Include:

Brainstorm Communications

McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP.

The Donahue Group

Melrose Mac FlyteTyme Productions